Mount Seymour Provincial Park

Location: North Vancouver

Quoted Time For Completion: 5 hours, round trip

It Took Me: less than 4 hours, round trip (a precise time is dependent on conditions. In December it took me less than 90 mins to summit, no snowshoes were required. February was 2-2.5 hours up…should have had snowshoes)

Summiting Safely: I did this hike several months ago in February, and again about a week ago (December 2017). It is advertised as a safe hiking trail from late Spring until late Autumn – however – it widely used year round. Check the conditions before you go, fresh or recent snowfall will require snowshoes. In packed snow, appropriate hiking shoes are a necessity and crampons are recommended, particularly if you are a novice hiker. In the summer, remain mindful of the temperature and pack lots of water.

Distance: ~ 7km round trip (about 9km if you do the second peak, I have not done that myself.) If you are set on doing both, or it is a beautiful blue bird day and you make a spontaneous decision at the top – you can read further directions here

Elevation: 450m

Difficulty: Easy bordering on moderate (a couple heavier hills😛🤙🏼)

Directions: Park in the designated parking lot at Mount Seymour Provincial Park. In season, there are often flag people asking what you are doing on the mountain and directing you where to park. Attempt to politely ignore them and park on the far end of the lot if you can, it is the closest spot to the start of the trail. 

Restrooms: Yes – in the parking lot next to the Lodge.

more photos? 👉🏼 click me

This hike is gorgeous, easy to reach and find with your vehicle, and not terribly challenging. From the end of the parking lot (next to the BC Parks sign), head up and to the left of the nearest ski run. The first trail peeling off will take you to Dog Mountain – a shorter yet still scenic version of Mount Seymour. Continue uphill and parallel to the ski run. From here, and all the way up, the trail is well marked and there are signs at major junctions pointing you in the right direction and providing distances to each destination.

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 9.59.01 PM

**It is important to note that if the conditions are poor or the weather is overcast, it is best to save this hike for another day. The most magnificent part about reaching this summit is the incredible, panoramic + 360 degree view of Vancouver. Without visibility, not only are you limited in what you are able to see – but things can quickly become dangerous. Like any mountain, there are avalanche risks, tree wells, and other hazards awaiting unprepared or unaware adventurers. Check conditions online before you head out. You can also rent snowshoes at the base if needed ☀️🙂

Veteran play: This trail is VERY popular. If you can, go on a week day to avoid crowds.

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 9.54.17 PM

This trail is also DOGGO FRIENDLY! Like any Provincial Park, your furry friend is required to be on a leash at all times. I have found, however, that if you are the mom or dad to a well-behaved pup, you can unhook them once you veer away from the ski hill (5-10 minutes into the hike). Outdoor adventurists are largely what I refer to as “normal people” – they love nature, + that includes animals!! PICK UP THEIR SHIT THOUGH OR AT LEAST FLICK IT OFF THE PATH WITH A NICE STICK🐾🙌🏽💩



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