Mount Brunswick

Location: Lions Bay, Sea to Sky Highway Quoted Time For Completion: 6-8 hours It Took Me: 5.5 hours, we stopped for a little snack about halfway (~ 5 min break), and the final 2km there were a LOT OF BUGS. This definitely slowed us up a bit, we did not have bug repellant 😷 Summiting Safely: Late … More Mount Brunswick

Sea To Summit

Location: Squamish (at the base parking lot of the Sea to Sky Gondola) Quoted Time For Completion: 3-5 hours It Took Me: 3 hours in February, 2.75 hours in June Summiting Safely: Early Spring to Late Autumn – conditions will vary, check before you go. I have done this hike twice. In February, Jordyn and … More Sea To Summit

St. Mark’s Summit

Location: West Vancouver – Cypress Provincial Park Quoted Time For Completion (Vancouver Trails website, online Google searches): 4-5 hours, round trip Summiting Safely: April-November (snowshoes required for much of Spring and late Autumn, seasonally dependent); beware of melting snow…check current conditions here It Took Me: 3.5 hours, round trip on May 27th 2017 Distance: 11km Elevation: ~ 500m … More St. Mark’s Summit