These two magical things protruding from the bottom of your torso will get you around for LIFE. In any shape or size, we should all learn to love our legs. The best part about a lower body workout? It will also build your booty. I am going to share with you a variety of different … More La-La-La-Legs

Beach Body Exercises

If I have learned anything from the study of Kinesiology or my experience as an athlete it is that everyone is an individual. As humans we are influenced by both our origins and our environments. The drive and motivation to get up and start your week and the work ethic to get things done is different from … More Beach Body Exercises

6ix Sneaky Reasons You Are Struggling to Lose Weight

Losing weight is enormously difficult. In many cases, the “last 10 pounds” may seem impossible. Occasionally, we stray from our exercise routines or sneak in a couple extra treats (with the imminent holiday season full of gravy goodness combined with less revealing clothing, this is easy to do!) We know when we cheat and can … More 6ix Sneaky Reasons You Are Struggling to Lose Weight

Abs Not Flabs

Some things all of you know but need to keep in mind: There is no quick fix, single exercise, or fast solution to “getting abs”. Squats will not remove the fat from your thighs, push-ups alone will not tone your arms and doing 500 crunches will not provide abdominal definition. The only way to get rid … More Abs Not Flabs