Moving back to the Vancouver area after almost 6 years away was hard for me. I have missed the Okanagan, living near the downtown core, and being a short drive from most of my closest friends. It has been a new adjustment. However, it was the best decision I could have made for my personal & professional growth. I needed the space to think about what I wanted to do, save money, and reevaluate my priorities. I have also loved being close to family again.

After returning from my trip to Europe last August, it was time for a change up. I realized how much of my own province I had not seen. I have always loved to travel. Hiking has been a way to explore, see new places, and is a novel outlook on making connections + pursuing passions separate from competitive athletics.

Outside of practical experience, clinical, and lab work, my degree & assignments are delivered entirely online. This has allowed me the flexibility to travel, explore, & see places I have never before had the opportunity or time to visit. The response I have gotten has been humbling + unbelievable. I love getting messages from people asking about hikes, views, and their own dedication to tackling new types of adventure.

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Thus, this page is likely long overdue. I need about 35 hours in my day in order to maintain this blog to my liking…BUT, this space will be dedicated to documenting the hikes + explorations I have done in BC & beyond. For those interested, it will hopefully be an intriguing and honest resource. For those who prefer to stay on the couch…you can live vicariously??

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As always, so so grateful for all the positivity & time people have taken to support my crazy life and get themselves moving and exploring nature.

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