Do It Yourself

As I venture ever deeper into ‘adulting’, one of my goals is to become better with my free time. This entails actually attempting projects on my Pinterest “to-do” list and enhancing my cooking skills. I want to spend less time mindlessly scrolling through social media and invest more into moments that make me happy.

Growing up my mom always did all the meal prep in our house and my Baka is an excellent baker. In February of 2015 my paternal grandma passed away. She was good at everything and always had a secret recipe or remedy up her sleeve. Although at 84 years of age she lived a wonderful life full of love and family – it was quite sudden and very sad.

Perhaps it was a reminder that the best time to start working on your aspirations is right now.

I am not vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or have any highly restrictive allergy or personal belief when it comes to food. That being said, with a passion for nutrition and fitness comes a built in self-awareness for what is fuelling my body.

I believe in moderation and balance in all facets of my life. I also go through phases where I get really into a particular snack or type of food. As I find (and test) new recipes I will share the awesome ones here with you.



Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 5.35.24 PM


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