Mount Brunswick

Location: Lions Bay, Sea to Sky Highway Quoted Time For Completion: 6-8 hours It Took Me: 5.5 hours, we stopped for a little snack about halfway (~ 5 min break), and the final 2km there were a LOT OF BUGS. This definitely slowed us up a bit, we did not have bug repellant 😷 Summiting Safely: Late … More Mount Brunswick

Sea To Summit

Location: Squamish (at the base parking lot of the Sea to Sky Gondola) Quoted Time For Completion: 3-5 hours It Took Me: 3 hours in February, 2.75 hours in June Summiting Safely: Early Spring to Late Autumn – conditions will vary, check before you go. I have done this hike twice. In February, Jordyn and … More Sea To Summit

St. Mark’s Summit

Location: West Vancouver – Cypress Provincial Park Quoted Time For Completion (Vancouver Trails website, online Google searches): 4-5 hours, round trip Summiting Safely: April-November (snowshoes required for much of Spring and late Autumn, seasonally dependent); beware of melting snow…check current conditions here It Took Me: 3.5 hours, round trip on May 27th 2017 Distance: 11km Elevation: ~ 500m … More St. Mark’s Summit

the ones

the day 1’s, the new ones, the last ones Each of us have these people that are inexplicably in our lives. They are the missing pieces to our sanity, safety, success, and happiness. Whether we have known them forever, or these individuals are recent additions: they belong, they fit. People are not drawn to perfection … More the ones